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Ferox Fishing at Derry Quay Lodge

Lough Corrib is home to some of the biggest Wild Brown Trout in Europe. These predatory leviathans reach extraordinary weights by feeding almost exclusively on other fish species. The record documented weight for the Lough is 25.8lb (12kg)

These sought after fish are not easily caught but with persistence and the correct methods it is possible. Proper tackle, presentation and knowledge of the favored locations can help shorten the odds. It is the chance to catch the ultimate Trout, the fish of a lifetime.

Although these fine fish are occasionally caught on fly this is not the method that I use for them. Trolling is the order of the day for these monsters and while this can be a slow enough and sometimes monotonous pursuit it is one time where the ends definitely justify the means.

When fishing specifically for Ferox trout, deep water trolling is required. Ferox trout reach 20lbs, or more, so tackle must be suitable and of good quality as these are strong, hard fighting fish.

These large fish are caught by trolling deep water or along the deep side of shallows. Trolling can take place throughout the season

 A fine Ferox

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