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The Great Western Loughs

Lough Corrib

The large western lakes comprise Loughs Corrib, Mask, and Conn. Lough Corrib is the largest at 44,000 acres and it is here on the shores of Lough Corrib that Derry Quay Lodge is situated in rocky bay know as Salthouse Bay and is credited with having some of the best brown trout fishing on the Corrib. Fly-fishing from a drifting boat is the angling method most favored for brown trout and in May dapping comes into its own with the hatching of the Mayfly. These three lakes are predominantly rich limestone waters, producing wild brown trout averaging over 1lb. (0.45kg) to 3lbs. (1.36kg) with some to 10lbs. (4.53kg) caught on fly every season, Large Ferox trout from 10-20lbs. (4.53-9.07kg) are caught by trolling deep water or along the deep side of shallows. Trolling can take place throughout the season, but it's the high quality of fly fishing and dapping for which these lakes are renowned.

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