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Pike Fishing at Derry Quay Lodge

2 pikePIKE-FISHING on Corrib is ranked very high in the World with many  large SPECIMEN PIKE caught on Lough Corrib.

Anglers go on the trail of the TROPHY-PIKE on Corrib from the middle of July onwards to the middle of December.

Here at Derry Quay Lodge we carry a supply of DEAD-BAIT for the visiting anglers. Most pike anglers coming to Derry Quay Lodge & Lough Corrib for the 1st time usually record a personal best, and very often this record is broken on several occasions.

Several methods of angling are used to catch pike. Trolling - driving the boat slowly with the bait/lure fishing behind the boat. Spinning – fishing from a stationary boat with baits/lures.

One of the many big pike at Derry Quay  LodgeDead-Baiting- fishing with a dead natural bait (usually Perch & Roach) using a float. This method of angling is best when there is enough wind to make the boat drift.

Dead-baiting and spinning are usually carried out at the same time. Jerk Baiting - this is a rather new method of pike fishing on Corrib and the angler will require a special Rod & Reel and a selection of Jerk Baits.

The Lodge also can provide boats & engines for pike fishing on smaller lakes in and around the local area.

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