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Woodcock & Snipe Hunting at Derry Quay Lodge

046At Derry Quay Lodge we been organizing rough shooting for woodcock, snipe, duck and pigeon for over 30 years. We own the hunting rights to 30,000 acres of both woodland and bogs giving you your best option for Woodcock & Snipe shooting in Connemara the west of Ireland and Ireland.

Our season starts in the beginning of October and carries on right through until the end of January.

Hunting 180Why Choose Derry Quay Lodge for your Woodcock and Snipe Hunting Holiday

Derry Quay Lodge has three generations of experience in woodcock, snipe hunting. Here, you will be guided through out your stay with Jonathan (The owner) and also by his experienced guides and together provide a very professional approach to the hunt which in turn always makes the occasion a memorable one.

Derry Quay Lodge always provides varied and exciting rough shooting and we have vast areas of tens of thousands of hecatres for rough shooting including hazel woods, large forests of green woods, bogs, ponds, lakes, and everything you need for the perfect hunting holiday.

It should be remembered that woodcock, snipe and duck are Hunting 270migratory birds and they are very dependent on the weather. Therefore no guarantee as to numbers can be given. The bag is also dependent on the skill of the guns. We do however guarantee you a very pleasurable and memorable holiday with the chance of the illusive left and right.

Our intention is to create a home-from-home atmosphere where everything you need is at hand in Derry Quay Lodge. We leave the house at 9.30am, and usually return for lunch around 2 or 2.30 whether it is in the house or the local pub - and then keep going until dark. You may then sample the Guinness in a local pub before returning to change for dinner, and the relaxing in front of the big open fire to discuss tactics for the following IMG_1686morning our just about the ones that got away!

Guns and companions usually arrive on a Saturday afternoon and depart on the following Saturday. The shoot starts on the Sunday morning and finishes on the Friday evening.

Booking Woodcock, Snipe and Duck Shooting Trips


  • Woodcock, Snipe & Duck Rough Shooting: 6 days shooting:
    Ideally 6 -8 guns.
  • Snipe & Duck Rough Shooting: 6 days shooting:
    Ideally 4-6 guns.

For Further Information on prices and reservations for the above please email your enquiries through our Contact page.

Toby Rocko Major 

Other Information

Gun License: All shooting guests must be in possession of Current Irish shotgun certificate.
All non-IRL residents are required to complete a Firearm Certificate Application (Non Residents Firearms Act 1925-2000). This process can take up to 4 weeks. We can forward a partially completed form as soon as the booking is made. (You should note that EU residents need a ‘European Firearm Pass’ when making this application. Check its expiry date!)

January 2011 064Adverse weather: You are advised to bring adequate wet weather clothing e.g. Barbour jackets, Wellington boots, and thorn proof leggings.

Cartridges: These can be obtained locally provided sufficient notice is given. As a rough guide, over six days shooting 300 cartridges should suffice per person. Usual shot size for duck, woodcock and snipe shooting: 7 - 7.5s for woodcock, 8-9s for snipe; 6s for duck.

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Woodcock & Snipe Shooting in Ireland brought to you by Derry Quay Lodge.

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