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Wildlife & Nature around Derry Quay Lodge & Lough Corrib

What’s special about the West of Ireland & Cong?

MayflyThe west of Ireland is justly famous for its wild and beautiful landscapes, as well as its exciting birds and fascinating botany.

The rugged hills of Connemara offer a remarkable variety of landscapes with its mix of mountains, beaches, bays, estuaries loughs and rivers. These attract a huge number and variety of waders, wildfowl and seabirds, together with migrants and rare summer visitors like the Corncrake.

The limestone pavement of Cong & Lough Corrib is home to a rich variety of wild flowers and endemic plants.

Among its many charms, Cong offers friendly people, a relaxed lifestyle, quiet roads, fine food, excellent music and the perfect pint of Guinness at the end of the day – all the ingredients for a first class holiday.


Ardea_cinerea_(Grey_Heron)There is an abundance of wildlife in and around Lough Corrib,Cong & Derry Quay Lodge including birds and hawks, otters, mink, stoat, frogs, bats and much more. The "Dawn Chorus" in early spring is spectacular to listen to.

Lough Corrib can be divided into two parts: a smaller shallower basin to the south and a larger deeper basin to the north. These two parts are connected by a narrow channel. In the southern and eastern parts of the lake the lake bed is dominated by limestone bedrock covered by deposits of precipitated marl.

The surrounding land is mostly pastoral farmland to the south and east and bog to the west and north. In addition to the lake basis, some areas of scientific interest adjoining the lake e.g. woodland, callows grassland and raised bog, have been incorporated into the site.

The lake supports one of the largest areas of wetland vegetation in the country.

This vegetation is best developed in the shallower southern basin of the lake just north of Galway city.

The shallow lime-rich waters in this area support the most extensive beds of Charaphytes in Ireland. These beds are an important source of food for wildfowl.

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